A committed logistical team is dedicated to a specific mill for the full term of the allocated contract. The Grain Logistics personnel receive the grain on behalf of producers / millers, then grade it and do the offloading. During this whole process, the team see to all the operational and safety requirements of the specific mill. Protective, branded clothing is standard practice.

The variety of services include the following:

Taking Samples

Samples of all grain received on the millers’ premises are taken according to specified procedures.



In certain instances Grain Logistics grades incoming product to ascertain that the correct grade is provided to the mill, and the grading reports determine in which silos on the premises the grain must be stored.


Logistics Concerning Road and Rail Trucks

Arrangements concerning the safe control and shunting of trucks are in place on the premises.


Offloading of Grain

Grain is offloaded at the tipping site by the offloading teams, according to the mill’s standards.


Cleaning Services

Grain Logistics is responsible for the cleaning of the tipping sites. In certain instances additional areas are also maintained by the cleaning personnel.


Well trained, dedicated logistical teams, are allocated to sites, to perform specific duties. Health and safety form an integral part of the business.


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